Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tracker Puck Struggles

I have begun using the tracker puck and have integrated it into unreal.  The process of installation and integration was very smooth.  In order to track the puck and attach it to an item, one must use the following node in blueprints.

One problem though, is that the puck does not just get assigned to the third tracked item in unreal.  There are now that many tracked items.  So, I needed to access the arrays of the objects tracked by type.  I discovered that the tracker puck is an invalid type object and is the first object in that array.  Once I grabbed the location of this item, it was easy to attach a static mesh to the puck and begin moving the ocarina inside of the room.

However, the tracker puck has some sort of offset with items in the room.  I still need to figure this one out.  For now, I have stuck with an offset of (-100, -50, 0).  The Z axis seems to be fine.  I have noticed that this same offset occurs with the hands and the camera if the ocarina is assigned to any of them.  Clearly, unreal must have some fix in their base VR blueprints that I need to dig for.  However, I needed to stay on schedule and focus on other things in order to hit my marks for this week.  I will post about them in another post.

Before I go, I will also urge caution to tracker puck users.  I was dissatisfied with the tracker puck not being treated as a controller by unreal.  Part of this was because I could not attach the puck to a motion controller like the hands for the Unreal VR pawn.  HTC had a fix on their site with a download for Steam VR to treat the tracker puck as a controller.  This can be found in the link here:

Now, if you want the puck treated as a controller, this tool will get that done.  However, once it is converted, the puck cannot be changed back to a puck.  The tool does not support that.  I have reached out to HTC and did not get a good answer to this problem.  However, I will be asking the devs in their blogs.

That's all for the tracker puck.  More cool things to come

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