Monday, August 10, 2020

At home recording studio

Recently I began recording audio for my VResume personal project.  I had the script figured out and a good mic I bought years back.  However, the first set of dialogue had some echo since I just recorded in my room.  I was able to use audition and other tools to reduce this, but it just didn't sound as clean as I would like.  Here is the first result:

So I wondered how I could remove that echo during recording without buying foam pads to put on my walls.  What is one to do when they are stuck in their apartment during a pandemic?  Well, I decided to use my bed sheets in my closet.

What I did, was take the comforter from my bed and put it above my clothes rack with some objects on top.  I order to close the space between the wall and the comforter, I nailed the side into the wall in several spaces. The result in below.

I hung the mic from the top of the rack.  Then I placed my laptop on the stool with a mobile pre.  Then, I shut the comforter and performed my recording.  The results speak for themselves.  Great way to think outside the box and save some money.  Here is the result:

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