Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Personal Programming Project

Today marks the starting point of my next project that I will be making for the Programming 3 course.  I will be creating an object that you can interact with in the Zelda room I programmed for last semester.  My group is making the room into an escape room with several Zelda themed puzzles.  To take this project even further, I am creating an ocarina controller with a raspberry pi that will connect to the computer using Bluetooth.  We will also use a Vive tracker puck to have the item be visible in VR and out.

My presentation for the proposal went very well and I was funded for my project.

Here is the supplies I will be using and the links to them:

Raspberry pi 0: $9.95
Infared sensor: $1.76 for 1
6 buttons from N64 controller
Tactile button pack X20: $2.50
Pin heads: $0.95
Battery pack 5 volt: $14.95
Vive tracker puck - $115

The first step will be to solder the buttons on and begin programming the pi.  All of the pieces will be going inside of a 3D printed ocarina case.  Stick to this blog because part of the project requirements is that I am frequently updating my blog about my progress,  
Lots of cool things to come.

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